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Kick off your shoes and join us for a Nia® class! Triangle Nia teachers offer classes in a variety of venues, both public and private.

In addition to Classic Nia, there are specialty classes for Gentle Nia and Gentle Aqua Nia in Chapel Hill. Click on a city to find a class close to you, then grab a water bottle and get ready to have fun and learn more about your body - and yourself!


In class, you tone, tighten, and strengthen the body, lose pounds and inches, and find great pleasure in doing so. You learn the "Body's Way"--a break-through fitness concept that teaches you to move in the way that most benefits your unique body.

Nia is appropriate for all fitness levels - you learn to adapt the movements to meet your needs and connect with the sensation of joy in your body. You also learn to use imagery and sounding to enhance the benefits of your movements.

The experience is holistic; it unites the body and mind. Nia, once known as "non-impact aerobics" and "neuromuscular integrative action," is now just Nia, an energizing workout that gives you a new body and new life.

Please call to verify class times. All classes are Classic Nia and one hour unless otherwise noted.


Only classes taught by Triangle Nia members are listed on this website. If you are looking for an area teacher who’s not listed here, go to, find Nia, find a teacher, and search by name or city.

  News and Events


Autumn Crest Retreat

Sat, Nov 4, 1-4pm

or Nov 4 & 5, 1pm-9am

Kate Finlayson

& Lynda Heymen



Nia's 52 Moves

Saturday, Nov 18, 1-5pm

Lynda Heymen

& Kate Finlayson

     New Classes

Chapel Hill


Mondays, 8:30am

Anne Shelton



ADF Scripps Studio

New class time 9am

begins 8/29

Molly Montgomery



Living Arts Collective

Fridays, 9:30 am

Molly Montgomery



ADF Scripps Studios

Thursdays, 6pm

Julie Hodson

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